Hot Protein


Hot Protein is a highly soluble hydrolyzed whey protein for hot beverages, soups, and other ‘added protein’ applications.

20x 5g sachets per box.


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You know how protein powder turns into a clumpy mess when you try to add it to a hot drink? Problem dis-solved… Doesn’t happen any more with Hot Protein.

Behold, there is a new whey, and it’s coming in hot. Hot Protein makes it ridiculously easy to add protein to any hot drink: in a thermos of a hot beverage, or soup for a day hike; in a busy cafe barrister situation; or just to help you power through a day of gym and work.  Comes in cafe friendly sachets for ease of use, less mess, and convenient perfect measures every time.

Pour hot liquid onto the powder rather than powder into the hot liquid.


NOTE: Not for the lactose intolerant.

NOTE to SELF: Don’t forget legs day.