Soluble Whey protein for use as added protein in hot beverages, soups, meal supplementation and other applications

10x14g sachets per box

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Technically advanced whey protein designed with the specific intention of providing higher solubility for nutrition requirements in medical and health restorative applications where whey protein is of benefit. Suitable for use in hot and warm foods and beverages where added whey protein is required.

Whey protein contains all of the Branch Chain Amino Acids BCAAs, as well as the remaining seven essential amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is a very important element for nearly all physiological functions. Most skeletal tissues, cells, organs, and muscles are made of amino acids. They help make the proteins that allow our bodies to grow, repair tissue, break down food, and perform many other essential biological processes.

For best results, add hot water to powder (rather than vice versa).

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for lactose intolerant.