Protein enriched coffee

Coffee + Protein + Science = Delicious Healthy Option

Our Story

Protein Enriched Coffee. While it sounds like a simple idea, at PECS, we have found it to be anything but simple. This has been a passion project for two years. We are huge fans of coffee and as we’re pretty health conscious, we thought adding protein to the mix would be a great idea.

Well, we have achieved it. With the help of some really smart “science-y” people at the University of Auckland, we have developed a premium instant coffee blend with over 35% protein in every serving.

Biceps, triceps, quadriceps everything increases in size and power as your protein intake increases.

That and it will give you that much-needed boost in the morning…


Is this just Coffee flavoured Protein?

No, this is straight up coffee, with the added goodness of protein.

If I pour hot water on it won't the Protein be damaged?

The protein may de-nature. 

De-Nature? Please explain.

Essentially this means the protein structure may change, but the nutritional value remains the same, i.e. cooking chicken and eggs doesn't affect the protein content of the foods.

Will I grow larger pectoral muscles from drinking PECS Coffee?

The short answer is yes, but you have to do a couple of other things too, i.e. lift some moderately heavy weights and eat some chicken salads.

Wait... hot protein goes into all hot beverages you say? What about a short black?

Yes, Hot Protein is, (much like the ninja from feudal Japan of old), both stealthy and powerful. Stealthy, in that it will fade into the blackness of a long or short black in under a minute. And powerful, in that it is, of course, extra protein.  In other words, a short black will remain black. And short (sorry short folk).

Does hot protein go all sticky?

The general viscosity of your tasty beverage will remain relatively the same. Which may sound slightly non-committal but we are taking placebo into consideration, not to mention your powerful imagination. There is absolutely no noticeable difference. As far as stickiness goes. Bitter notes may appear slightly more rounded however, and as previously noted a gradual swelling in biceps, triceps and associated musculature may be noticed in conjunction, of course, with vigorous exercise.

31.6%? Hang on - you said 35%!

Did you know, it is a googlable fact that coffee beans contain 8g of protein per 100g. It is not an over-extension of our mathematical abilities therefore to calculate 31.6g from whey plus 8g from the coffee to be a whopping 39.6g of bio available protein in every 100g of PECs. We went with 35% to be safe.