Protein Enriched Coffee

Making Healthy Taste Good.

Get 35% more protein in every serving, without
changing anything in your daily routine.

Unique Hydrolysed Whey Protein

faster amino absorbtion = faster muscle recovery

Enjoy all the same benefits of a protein shake

but in the form of a hot Coffee

Straight up coffee, with the added goodness of protein

not just Coffee flavoured Protein

Medical Grade Protein that can be added to hot foods

One of the richest bio-available sources of all essential amino acids

Sip on this tasty hot beverage and your hamstrings will no longer be able to be contained by your unitard.

Your sleeves will be rendered useless, as your biceps and triceps swell in unison, due to the unprecedented amount of Protein coursing through your system.

It wakes you up in the morning too.

This has been a passion project for two years. We are huge fans of coffee and as we’re pretty health conscious, we thought adding protein to the mix would be a great idea.

Well, we have achieved it. With the help of some really smart “science” people at the University of Auckland, we have developed a premium instant coffee blend with over 35% protein in every serving.


Is this just Coffee flavoured Protein?

No, this is straight up coffee, with the added goodness of protein.

If I pour hot water on it won't the Protein be damaged?

- The protein may de-nature. 

De-Nature? Please explain.

- Essentially this means the protein structure may change, but the nutritional value remains the same, i.e. cooking chicken and eggs doesn't affect the protein content of the foods.

Will I grow larger pectoral muscles from drinking PECS Coffee?

- The short answer is yes, but you have to do a couple of other things too, i.e. lift some moderately heavy weights and eat some chicken salads.

‘PECS Coffee changed my life. Before I had PECS I was virtually a vegetable. Possibly a kind of turnip. An aging turnip. Now, I am still a vegetable but probably more akin to a fiery beet. with pecs. and massive biceps… I’m now super popular, and super successful, and take way better selfies. Thanks PECS’

Anonymous, and not written by NZPHS staff at all, Timaru

‘Having a cafe near 2 gyms means we get a lot of gym bunnies and meat heads come in. You should see them lose their sh*t when we offer them a shot of hot protein with their skim milk bullet coffees and lowfatflatwhites with no sugar. Great little earner!’

Generic Cafe owner, not NZPHS staff either, Wellington CBD

‘Where was hot protein when I was a lad? I probably could have climbed Everest with a thermos of this stuff! And then swam the Atlantic. It’s amazing. Of course that was back before interweb and the cellular telephones. Kids these days… don’t know how good they’ve got it. Wasn’t like this when I was a boy, things were harder back then, and we were tougher. We had to just drink muddy water if we wanted a hot drink. None of this fancy pecs coffee. No sir.’

Grumple Ranter, also not NZPHS staff, Invercargill

‘This stuff is terrible. Disgusting. How dare other people try something new that combines coffee and health, and is such a brilliant idea. I actually thought of it long before they brought it out. I just didn’t feel like doing it. They probably actually stole it off me.’

Billy Bumphick, definitely not NZPHS staff, Hamilton